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Foster FAQ

Foster FAQ

Whether you are new to fostering or have already helped many dogs find their forever home we are sure you have questions as to how Rescue Reinvented (RR) does things.  Below is a list of our most common questions. After you have read them over if you still have a question please email our foster coordinator at foster@rescuereinvented.org!

What does RR provide and what do foster parents provide?

You will provide a loving home, basic training, exercise and socialization for you foster dog. Currently you will need to provide your foster with food and treats, but we are working on obtaining discounted or donated food and treats which we will make available to you for cost or free if the items were donated. RR can provide you a crate if needed. All fosters are provided with one martingale collar with a RR name tag that your foster should wear at all times. Harness, and gentle leaders maybe available upon request for use after the dog has been properly conditioned. RR will pay for all necessary, pre-authorized vet care with one of our approved veterinarian.

How long are dogs in foster care?

All dogs brought into the program are required to be in our care a minimum of two weeks before they are considered available for adoption. In general the duration after the two week period can vary from a few additional weeks to several months. We ask that you commit to fostering a dog until the dog is adopted as it is extremely stressful for a dog to be moved around once they are in foster home. We ask that foster parents only request their foster dog be moved when absolutely necessary, such as unexpected family emergency, significant changes in schedules or unforeseen difficulties in addressing a dog’s specific needs.

How can I become a foster?

Complete our Foster Application and once received, your application will be reviewed and if your are a good fit for our program we will schedule a home visit. We require all household members to present along with any four legged family members. If your application is approved you will attend a foster dog training session and sign the Volunteer/Foster Agreement, which covers all program requirements. Completing all these steps does not obligate you to foster, but we do ask that you fully consider the obligation before you attend a foster training session.

Can I adopt my foster?

YES! We love adding new members to the Foster Failure Club! If you were approved to foster you are approved to adopt.

I live in a condo, townhome, or apartment, can I foster?

Of course! It will be important that the dog you foster be the appropriate dog for your lifestyle and are you are willing to commit to providing the foster dog with the needed physical and mental stimulation, and just like an adopter we will need to confirm with your landlord there are no breed or weight restrictions.

What if I have children?

Fostering can be a wonderful family experience as it can help build a foundation of love for animals in your children. RR will help select a dog that is appropriate for your household. Children under 14 years old should NOT be left alone and unsupervised with any animal, being diligent in providing guidance, instructions and rules to your children about caring for your foster dog.

My yard is not fenced or I don’t have a yard at all, can I still foster?

Yes! While a fenced yard is ideal for most dogs it is not a requirement but again it will be important that the dog you foster be the appropriate dog for your lifestyle and are you are willing to commit to providing the foster dog with the needed physical and mental stimulation.

I already have other animals, can I still foster a RR dog?

Yes! Once again as with your home and yard it will be important that the dog you foster be the appropriate match for all your furry family members. RR has trainers available who will answer any questions and help you manage through any introduction behavior issues.

Do I have to crate-train my foster dog?

Yes, RR requires all our adoptable dogs be crated trained. It is one of the most efficient and effective ways to house train a puppy or re-train an adult dog. Crating training your foster will give you and your foster’s forever family peace of mind knowing they are in a safe place, away from harm, and not doing any damage to your belongings or themselves. Crates can also represent a safe and comfortable place to call their own and provides them with a sense of security. Most dogs actually like having a “den” to cuddle up in. If you find your foster is having trouble being in a crate please contact the foster coordinator for help. Crating should never be used as punishment.

Do I need to have prior medical knowledge or expertise?

No, but you will be asked to dispense medicine to your foster dog including flea and Heartworm medication, which RR will supply. You should be comfortable following veterinarian’s instructions if your foster becomes ill while in your care or comes to you finishing up any needed medical care and medications to be ready for adoption.

How much time each day is needed to foster?

Every dog is different and the commitment and responsibilities will depend on the individual dog and environment the dog came from, it is essential that you understand that dogs may be stressed and transporting a dog to your home is also very stressful and emotional. You must be willing to be patient and commit to the dog because we all have the same goal to keep them in a stable and consistent environment until they can find their forever family. If additional health or training problems develop, daily time commitments may change.

Can my foster dog go to an off-leash dog park for exercise and socialization?

Absolutely not, no RR foster dog is allowed in an off-leash dog park. There are too many unknowns for it to be safe and healthy experience for your foster dog. Diseases are easily transmitted and the temperaments of other dogs can be unknown. Taking a leashed dog to a dog park can create barrier frustration and trigger aggression in dogs.

How can I help my foster dog become more adoptable?

RR believes our foster dogs will be most successful in their forever home if we start them in learning through positive reinforcement training, provide them with the special love and attention you give them. While marketing provides potential applicants an initial picture of your dog it is always the dog that “seals the deal”. Shy dogs will benefit from your patience, routine, and slowly exposing them to new people and environments to build their confidence. Young dogs who learn good manners through positive reinforcement training will help show of their trainability and long term potential as wonderful members of the family.
RR of course also does marketing of our dogs to help them be more adoptable. Providing great photos, bios, and videos on our website, Facebook, and other adoptable dog websites in addition to attending adoption events with your foster will help provide exposure for your foster dog to find their forever home.

Am I responsible for finding my foster dog its forever home?

No, but rescue is a team effort and once a qualified applicant is identified by our Placement team you will be asked to contact them directly via phone and if you feel they are a good match for your foster schedule a meet and greet. Contacting the potential adopter within 24 hours and providing your input on the meet and greet to the Placement team with 24 hours of the meet and greet is critical to finding the best match for your foster.

Can I return my foster dog to RR if I am unable to foster any longer?

We understand situations change and it may become necessary to discontinue fostering an animal. We request if that is the case you provide as much notice as possible (preferably 2 weeks) so that we can find an alternative foster home. If it is an emergency we ask that you call the foster coordinator as soon as possible.

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